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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Plum Tart

Hello. It's your favorite slacker blogger here.

I won't try to excuse my laziness, I will simply tempt you to forgive me with gooey, glisteny baked fruit.

Of course, to get in on some of this freshly made Winter Plum Tart, you'll have to come all the way to No. 1 Thames St, Oxford, UK (a plane ride for some, merely a bike for others). Or just make your own version, you moocher. Just kidding (I'm not so good at this groveling for forgiveness thing).

Anyway, I finally discovered the joys of the Wednesday market at Gloucester Green this morning and just couldn't resist the mound of plums on sale for £1.00 (I may also have to make an avocado tart, a green chili galette and a coriander pie to get through all the goodies I snatched up -- all for only £5.00)! Fruit like this deserves to be baked and glazed and served with fresh cream. Plus, we still have a dozen left over after this whole darn tart.

It was a relatively simple process, actually. A bit annoying with the plum-slicing, but isn't just so pretty?