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Monday, September 20, 2010

New City, New Ingredients

I am alive, believe it or not. Not cooking nearly enough, but alive surely.

For the past month I've been traveling and getting ready to move to the UK from the US, so my cooking has been at a minimum and my energy level even lower. I am finally here, but living in a temporary situation until our flat is ready. I'm renting a room for now from an old English lady who just entered a Plumb Tart into the baking competition at her Horticultural Society. Yes, this is someone's real life I'm speaking of. She is great and the kitchen smells often of chocolate cakes and banana breads.

I am also starting a full-time Master's Degree program next week, so my brain power has been devoted to remembering how to study. It's easy to get excited about going back to school in a city like Oxford.

I will have to be on a bit of a blog hiatus until my life settles in, though I have a couple back-log posts to get in, including:

Grace's Grandmother's Baked Sea Scallops
Italian Clifftop Food

So keep your eyes peeled.

I am joining up with another crew of foodie folk in my new city, so maybe we'll see a guest blogger or a tag-team meal in here soon! See you all soon . . .