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Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Biscuits, I Say! (This time with Feta & Green Onion)

Can there EVER be enough biscuits in this world? I really, truly don't think so. The following recipe is going to do nothing but perpetuate my addiction. The combinations are endless. I've already done two variations (in three days) and I plan to add to that list very soon.

Here is the most recent variation:

Feta and Green Onion Drop Biscuits

The preparation is dangerously easy. Though, once I run out of buttermilk, I will probably take a break from filling my stomach with these lovely things. Wanna make them?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easy Springtime Apple-tizer

First of all, I highly recommend blogging while being circled by a Monarch Butterfly. How to Un-stress Grace, by Mother Nature.

Second, I recommend an easy, light recipe to celebrate today's weather perfection. There's a breeze in my hair, sun on my face, and good eats in my belly. The "good eats" of which I speak were a creation inspired by a friend's own creation I enjoyed at the 2010 New Year Extravaganza a few months back (They were delicious, Sarah!). I tweaked the idea little bit just to see what it would taste like. 'Twas good and simple. Good, simple, and beautiful.

How to assemble Happy Spring Apple-tizers:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Farfalle e Fettuccine

On my third try, I have finally created a successful batch of handmade pasta. Honestly, I am shocked that this series of misfortunes ended positively, but the Fettuccine you see below tasted just like Italy (especially when slathered with my father-in-law's quickest and most excellent basil & garlic pesto).

After learning the technique from the most perfect little Italian lady in Orvieto, the first ever batch I tried on my own went in the trash before it could even call itself dough.

The second batch, attempted only moments after discarding all evidence of the first disaster, at least took shape, but ended up tasting pretty floury and got kinda lumpy. Plus, we got lazy and didn't roll it out nearly enough. Thick, floury, and lumpy don't make happy ravioli.

I decided to try again, though I definitely didn't learn from some of the mistakes that ruined this batch's predecessors. The process has the semblance of ease, but it can go very wrong if you're not being conscientious, aware, and patient. There's that word again. My biggest weakness in the kitchen (and in life).

Allow me to share Signora Menichetti's technique and my advice for avoiding disasters when making Handmade Pasta: