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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"I'm Sorry It's Been So Long" Rosemary Cake

I have been neglectful. My time to blog has been monopolized by some wonderful things and some truly gaggable things, to reincorporate a term I've also neglected in recent times. The following are my excuses (somewhat good, somewhat lame):

1.) Weekend travels. When I got a full time job, my blogging got pushed to the weekends. When I started going away every weekend to visit friends, see family, and attend the odd shower and/or wedding, my blogging got pushed to . . . never.

2.) Over commitment. Though I love to write this blog, it pays me no money. So, considering I am quitting my job to move to England and spend more money to live, eat, and educate myself, I've been doing some freelance writing and editing for not-very-mucho-bucks on the side. It has consumed the remaining hours in my week and drained my brain of writing drive.

All that is to say, I hope you will have me back. I am less than two week from my job's finale and, this week, I "forgot" to talk to my Senior Writer about picking up more stories to draft. So let's talk about cake.

This, my friends, is Rosemary Olive Oil Cake with Fresh Whipped Vanilla Cream (argggg I can't help but hear John McCain whenever I want to address my friends).

I did just say "rosemary" and "cake" in the same sentence. And, as you can see, there's also Dark Chocolate involved (I think Dark Chocolate should always be capitalized, now that I did that, inadvertently, above). Sometimes I think we foodies are pretty weird about combinations and it feels awfully pretentious to throw an herb into something just to "make it your own" (darn American Idol has infiltrated my vocabulary). But, my husband has said multiple times that rosemary is the BEST of all herbs, so I figured, "Melty chocolate for me . . . rosemary for him. Why not?" They look beautiful side by side.

I also LOVE that this uses only olive oil for moisture (with whole milk and eggs for texture and richness). It is a nice alternative to butter and an obvious dairy substitute when you need/want one. I plan to use it frequently now that I know I can.

The assembly is really quite simple, though it uses one weirdo thing: Spelt Flour. Probably substitutable, too.